Friday, July 30th, 2010

Crazy Monkeys

The last 24 hours here have been a little crazy.  Some time yesterday Avery started practicing rolling over back to front.  She’s done it before but I mean really practicing.  Like over and over again.  Then some time around 5 this morning she decided to practice again.  

When I got in there she was crosswise in her crib, on her belly and pushing up on her arms.  Sigh.  And so it begins.  She didn’t take her first nap until after 1 o’clock.  She tried to sleep twice before that but couldn’t stop moving her little baby body.  On one occasion diapering her was more like trying to subdue a crazy monkey.  I caught a glimpse of my future.

The day ended with a cheeseburger and all is well now.  Everyone was in bed by 745 and I haven’t heard a peep since.  That’s what total exhaustion will do to you I suppose.  Chase is tired out from giving me a run for my money at every corner.

I had to stand my ground today and cancel our lunch at Panera when she refused to get dressed.  She couldn’t believe when I didn’t tell her we could go after she apologized and said she was ready to get dressed.  She couldn’t believe it when I told her that I was not going to make her grilled cheese and chocolate milk at home.  Couldn’t believe it at all.

It really wasn’t all bad.  Everyone went to bed at a reasonable hour and I was incredibly productive for two hours.  No tv, no computer just straight productivity.  I wish I was like that every night.  I’ll get this place in order by inches. And then there were the ten minutes we spent with the Bar Journal.

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