Sunday, August 1st, 2010

The Stroll-O-Chair

I’m still barely making progress but still chipping away when I can (i.e. not watching television). I took down the makeshift blackout curtain arrangement that I had up in Avery’s room and pinned on the actual blackout liners that have been sitting on the steps for two weeks. Then… THEN I dug out the Stroll-O-Chair and set it up.

stroll-o-chair baby carriageWhat’s a Stroll-O-Chair?  It’s a giant turquoise pram!  It’s awesome!  It’s the only baby item I ever allowed myself to buy before we were even talking about having kids.  I found it at a Salvation Army on half price day and it took two of use to jam it into the back of my civic coupe.  I’m so thrilled to have it set up.  Finally!  I think it will hold extra blankets and stuffies but I will surely be taking a shot like this.  If anything could pinch of the tip of your finger it would be this bad boy.

I had a lapse of reason at the market this weekend and so it looks like salsa, peach salsa, pesto, jalapeno jelly and at least two plum tortes will have to be on the to-do list this week.  I just peeled so many red tomatoes that I saw green spots when I was done.  Seriously.  That’s a lot of tomatoes.

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