Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

The First Day Of School

After a longer-than-just-summer-break hiatus she’s back in the saddle.  It was a whirlwind day for her today.  First she told me to leave, then she cried when I came to pick her up because she wasn’t ready to go and finally she cried as soon as we got to the car because she said she wanted to stay home with me this morning and somebody took something from her during the day.  After we had a treat and talked about it a little she decided she was ready to go back tomorrow.

I think she’s having a good time.  I got a picture of her playing and an email from her teacher saying that she had a good time.  She could probably use a nap once she gets home and I thought maybe… just maybe but no such luck.  Not for Avery either.  The power was out for most of the day so she took only two very short naps today.  I hope to get a good one in tomorrow when we get back from dropping big sis off.  I really need this nap.  It seems that if she doesn’t take a good morning nap then there’s no chance at all of getting a good nap in the afternoon when I really need the break.

Maybe I wouldn’t need the break so much if I didn’t stay up until midnight sewing.  I cut this dress out months ago.  I was going to join in the ice cream social sew along but fell off the wagon after only a few days.  Then the pieces sat around collecting dust for a while.  I decided that I was definitely going to get it done in time to wear for the first day of school.  Then I got caught up in all kinds of other housekeeping issues and the next thing I knew the first day was here.  I almost let it slide again but decided enough was enough and buckled down.

The pattern is the Ice Cream Dress from Oliver + S.  Chase tells everyone it’s the ice cream dress.  She was really excited about it this morning but wanted to know why it wasn’t blue and white!  This is my quick and dirty version.  No pockets, no notch in the yoke and a little bit of trim, which I’ve learned will cover a multitude of sins.

I put the entire yoke on backwards (or upside down?).  I’m not alone on this one.  I know at least a few other people have gotten bogged down here.  I think you’re supposed to follow standard construction procedure here but the instructions are so confusing.  I should have just done what I know to do instead of trying to follow the instructions.  It’s like tomato sauce.  I’ve done it enough to do it without a recipe but for some reason didn’t trust my instincts.  Always a no-no.  It’s not perfect but it’s serviceable and now that I have the pattern traced I’ll probably make another one.  Overall, it’s an easy pattern that yields cute results.  I just wish I’d had some real cotton gingham not the poly that you see there.  I give myself bonus points for using fabric from the stash but ew.  I don’t like working with synthetics.

There’s another kid’s clothes week coming up!  Time to come up with a to do list.

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