Thursday, September 9th, 2010

What’s In Your Lunchbox?

So this marks the last day of our first week of school.  With the holiday and one day of orientation I only had to come up with two lunches to send in the stegosaurus lunch box.  The stegosaurus lunchbox that Chase accessorized with a football ice pack.  That girl has style.

I’m still on the fence about whether being allowed to send peanut butter is good news or bad news.  It’s good news because Chase loooves to eat peanut butter sandwiches for lunch.  The bad news is I know Chase would be happy to eat pbj four days a week and could go all year without every branching out.  When Chase was at Hoppin Tots peanut butter was forbidden so I had to be a little creative but she was only there twice a week so my old standby of leftover pizza isn’t going to be enough.  Definitely a keeper but not enough for four days a week.

Chase plays hard so my primary criteria is that lunch have at least a little bit of protein.  I also really like using leftovers.  I feel like I get more bang for my buck that way.  This week I test drove a rif on melon and prosciutto and sent cantaloupe and cubed ham.  She happily ate the ham for dinner but didn’t eat it at lunch because I didn’t send a fork.  I really thought she’d just use her fingers.  So I still really don’t know if it’s a viable lunch or not.  Of course, all of the cantaloupe was gobbled up.  Luckily I also sent guacamole and chips which she ate.

The point of all this is to pull together a few ideas for lunch.  I’ll tell you what I’ve been thinking about and then you tell me.  If everyone pitches in two ideas we’ll have lunch ideas for weeks and weeks.  Are you in?  So here’s what I’ve been thinking about…  I’ve been perusing cookbooks for ideas.

Hardboiled eggs.  I hesitate to send them because they’re kind of stinky but I was thinking about deviled eggs.  Maybe after the yolks are deviled they smell less like fart??  Chase really like hardboiled eggs and it’s easy protein.

Tuna.  A nice smooth tuna dip.  She seems to like dips so I was thinking about this with a few pita chips.  But again, another stinky lunch.

Chicken.  I was thinking about leftover chicken cutlet cut into fingers and brocoli or carrot sticks with some dip.  I’m pretty sure she’d like to find that in her lunch box.

More poultry.  I’m going to test drive this one tomorrow.  I made turkey meatballs for dinner.  I’m going to skewer the leftovers with some pineapple chunks and see how that goes over.

There’s only one thing I know doesn’t work.  Cheese.  She will not eat cheese, in any form, that I put in her lunch box.  So… tell me.  What are you packing?  If you don’t give me any ideas it will be hay, just hay, two times a day.  I mean, peanut butter.

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