Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Summer Reading

An appropriate title now that it’s officially fall, no?  I love reading but it happens sooooo slowly (because I watch so much tv?  Noooo couldn’t be that.)  Quality not quantity is my mantra.  So I sort of started thinking and paying attention when I saw this.  I saved it to my computer and we are actually crossing titles off this list.  I snagged the library’s one and only copy of Bringing the Rain to the Kapiti Plain when I saw it and it did not disappoint.  I  tried to renew it but somebody else had already put a request in for it.  Hellloooo library, get a clue.  Chase was kind of sad.  She wanted to know when we could bring it home again but I’m not optimistic about that particular title.

I started with The Help. This was a good one.  This was a relatively quick read for me.  I found myself skipping ahead in places to find out what was going to happen.  It’s set in the deep south on the cusp of the Civil Rights Movement.  It was an engaging read.  It’s not meant to be a careful, historical look at the time period.  It’s fiction and very readable.  I’m no book critic, that’s about all I can say about it.  I’m not going to tell you all about it but it was worth the time that I put into it.

After that I picked up Freak Magnet.  This was really something special because, as it happens, I know Andy Auseon as the amazing dad to two of Chase’s friends.  Not only that, but I bought the book at a book party to celebrate its release AND my copy is autographed.  I don’t think I have any other book that’s personally inscribed and certainly not by someone I know and like.  So.  So, I can’t tell you all about this story either but I blew right through it too.  My first thought was freak… magnet… so clever.  The characters are really compelling and, even though I tend to like things wrapped up with a huge bow at the end, I’ve made my peace with the ending.  The book is slotted as young adult but anyone who has previously been a young adult can enjoy it.  I think the book would make a solid gift for a… young adult.  13-17 maybe?  I was a young adult once but it’s getting so that it was pretty long ago.

Part of what I really like about reading a book written by someone I know is that whenever I read I assume that the author has some personal connection to what is put on the page.  I never imagine that the words are crafted around research, only personal experience.  So as I read Freak Magnet, I felt like I was getting a look inside and it was really interesting.  I thought things like he probably has a friend in a wheel chair and amateur astronomer?  And, as I recall it from the about the author page, some of it was true.  Or maybe that’s just what I choose to remember.  In any event, you can catch him tomorrow at the Baltimore Book Festival maybe you can get your copy autographed and inscribed too!

And the last book of the summer that I picked up was Medium Raw.  Wow, check out those stats.  Three books in three months.  So when I say I “blew through” it you should take that with a big grain of salt.  If you liked Kitchen Confidential you’ll like Medium Raw.  It’s the same schtick updated and reorganized with more dirty jokes and a dose of The Omnivore’s Dilemma.  That doesn’t sound terribly flattering but if you like his style of ranting and cussing then it will give you a chuckle.  That kind of humor amuses me.  I laugh out loud and then tell Chase that I can’t tell her what I’m laughing about.

So, tell me, what did you read this summer.  I think The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is up next for me.  What else should be on my list?  Man, this is long.  Who’s going to edit it?  I’m apologizing in advance for typos.

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