Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

You Win Some

I dropped two bags of junk off at the thrift store and, quite stupidly, decided just to pop my head in. You know, for a second. But I couldn’t leave the lovely little knob puzzles, or the dinosaur floor puzzle, or the board games, or the doll pram. What would Chase say if she found out I passed on a doll pram? So I probably came out even on this one. I rationalize it by saying that I really chose only really good finds and passed up a bunch of other junk. That’s something, right?

Ok, but really?  We didn’t even turn on the tv today.  Not even once.  Makes it totally worth it.  And I can totally get behind games after dinner.  I also put Boggle Jr. up in Chase’s room which isn’t much of a game at all but I thought it might be something she’d enjoy doing on her own.  And she did, this morning at 2:30am.  I went into her room and tucked her back into bed but I have no idea how long she was up playing.  Anyway, it all only cost me a stern eye rolling from the man person that lives here.  I can live with that.  Oh, I forgot about the yogurt maker.  I’m working on that right now!

The next few weeks are chock full of doctor appointments.  I’m sure we’ll all be thoroughly exhausted by it.  I’m not looking forward to it even a little bit.

Avery's "new to us" cute Janie and Jack overalls. I love them.

We have no room for these toys. What was I thinking?

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