Saturday, October 9th, 2010

My Girl

After Dance ClassIt’s probably so not cool for your mom to think so but I can’t help but think that my girl is so cool.  Snake tattoo on her forearm?

So that glasses thing is going well.  They mostly stay on all day.  Sometimes they come off and then I forget to remind her to put them on again but there’s no fighting or hiding them or any of the other craziness that I anticipated.  Also, after just a few short weeks with glasses I’m starting to find that it looks like something’s missing when they’re not on.  And I think she looks a lot like my mother.  As for dance class there’s less standing around and more tapping.  So things are generally improving.  That’s another Saturday under our belts.  Tomorrow I’m hoping to do a little apple picking.  I just wish there was a place where we could pick our own apples AND get cider doughnuts, maybe even a pumpkin.  Does such a place exist?  I don’t understand why it just can’t be.

I anticipate another 40 pounds of apples so prepare yourself to hear all about that.  This year I won’t add to that a thousand pounds of raspberries.  Then again, I’m not 7 months pregnant so maybe the picking wouldn’t be such a bad idea this time around.  I want to do something really fun tomorrow to make up for all the crappy things that we’ll have to do this week.  But, if it doesn’t work out, I have some Polly Pockets on stand by.  I think they’ll be my waiting room diversion for the week.

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