Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

That Terrible Halloween Night Commeth

Everyone, including myself, wants to know when I started caring about Halloween.  I don’t know.  It must have come along with the kids like endless fatigue.  What can I say, we’re having a lot of fun.  

Except for that long stretch of quiet today when Chase was hiding behind the couch with a pair of scissors cutting into a pack of party favors that I told her that she COULD NOT have until the party.  I thought she was playing with a calculator.  Although, in the end, I’m glad she was hacking away at cardboard and not her hair.

We had a little bit of an incident over the weekend.  Chase was desperate to try dad’s new clippers.  It ended with Chase screaming, but I don’t want beautiful curls! and running off to hide.  I’ve been watching her ever since.  It took her all of her almost 4 years to grow what she’s got.  Meanwhile, Avery’s hair is so light at the root and dark at the tips that she looks like she’s got big wet clumps of hair all the time.  Goes great with her perpetually food crusted face.

PS the rest of the bread baked up fine. I took it out of the fridge and let it sit on the counter for a few minutes before shaping the loaves.  I followed the rest of the recipe for the last rise and baking.

PPS I have serious doubts about whether Chase is going to wear her costume.  I sort of thought she’d be a little more excited about it.  Aaaaand, her shoes are lost somewhere in the house.  This does not bode well.

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