Friday, November 5th, 2010

Bad Babies, Books and Lactobacillus

In spite of all the toys there are two things that Avery truly loves to do.  Dig in the rocks and dirt in the only living plant that we have in the house and open the door on the tv cabinet and pull all of the cords and devices out.  She broked the blue ray by pulling on it and then after several weeks mysteriously “fixed” it the same way.

Wait, maybe those aren’t her favorite things.  Maybe her favorite thing is crawling toward one of those two activities, looking back at me with a wicked little grin on her face and then doing aforementioned forbidden activity while she looks at me and smiles.  Even Chase is shocked by how naughty a not-quite-eleven-month-old can be.  I mean honestly, the room is literally full of age appropriate toys.  What’s up with that?  Not even closing her thumb in the cabinet deterred her.  Not for long anyway.  She is so big and smart now.  She absolutely knows what the word no means.  And if you try to use it?  Big pouting, tears sometimes even before you get the “o” part out.  And that’s after you’ve redirected her no less than 25 times.  Silly baby.

So a while back I said I was going to start reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and I did.  I read partway through the first chapter before putting it down and picking up Animal Vegetable Miracle.  It’s been sitting around here for a long time.  I bought it some time ago, picked it up and didn’t stick with it for some reason.  I guess the time wasn’t right but I’m really enjoying it now.  I’m going to pass it on to Ben when I’m done with it because I think, that unlike The Omnivore’s Dilemma, that this is a book that he will enjoy too.  It’s just as interesting and informational but way more accessible in my opinion.  And, of course, now I want to make cheese.  Just a little mozzarella.  That’s not too crazy, right?

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