Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Fall Back

How come weekends are never long enough?  Not even when you get an “extra” hour?  I guess because getting an “extra” hour just means that everyone is thrown off of their game for an entire day more than anything else.  I suppose I shouldn’t complain.  Both of my kids slept until almost 8 yesterday’s time or almost 7 today and were both asleep by 7 tonight or 8 by yesterday’s time.  So it really wasn’t so bad.  Even though they were tired and my head is spinning a little.  You know?  Like, hey why ARE these kids so tired, it’s only 6:30?  Oh, right.  It’s kind of really 7:30.  How’d the switch go at your house?

We had pizza night tonight because somehow we missed it this week and I have a couple of things lined up for dinner this week.  The new Everyday Food came and I want to try the black beans with spicy sausage served over rice.  I have some andouille sausage left over from the gumbo experiments.  And chicken was on sale at the farmer’s market for a good price so I bough several packs and will do something simple with those.  Roasted maybe.  Maybe glazed with a little pepper jelly.  We’ll do pizza late in the week and I bought two dozen eggs so maybe one night we’ll have breakfast for dinner.  Done.  We’ve got a batch of yogurt incubating too.  We’re all set I think.  Chase will get leftover pizza for lunch tomorrow before settling right back into our pbj rut.  Although, I discovered that she will eat celery so I might try ants on a log and see how she likes that.

What are your plans?  Made anything good lately?

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