Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Cozy Toes

So, if you don’t care about my slippers but are interested in my short term memory loss you can skip straight to the bottom.  If you want to know what I’ve been doing instead of the laundry then read on.  But I still won’t tell you where I went yesterday because I don’t want you to yell at me.  I’ll just say that I came home with a pile of wool sweaters and a half baked plan about ways to use them.  I washed and dried them all HOT and felted all of them in one shot.

Then I was sitting around with Avery and started looking at her shoes.  It got me thinking that I could probably make a cool pair of simple wool slippers for Chase using the same idea.  Then I thought about the hundreds of craft books with slipper patterns and pulled one down to look at it.  All of the bookshelf real estate that my craft books take up and I almost never use them as they’re intended.  It always seems like too much trouble.

I wanted to be sure-ish about the size so I traced a running shoe and then figured out how to make the two other pieces work in conjunction with the sole.  They turned out pretty good.  A little wonky in some places but they’re totally fine once her foot is in there.  I just made a smaller pair for Avery though so I might post the patterns now that I’ve got most of the kinks worked out.

They were fun to make.  A really quick project.  You know I’m all about quick projects.  They’re the most rewarding.  Two nights and two pairs of slippers.  Although I’m getting all fancy with Avery’s using the button holes from the sweater and knitting an i cord instead of running elastic through the back casing so I’ll need another night.

They’ve passed the most important test too.  Chase loves them.  She wore them happily (don’t ask about the rest of her outfit) and then reminded me that she took them off before her bath so that they wouldn’t get all wet and ruined.  Good thinking, kid.  I drew hearts on the bottom with puffy paint so that they wouldn’t be too slippery.

Good idea right?  And I just happened to have a bottle of puffy paint in the basement.  It’s been down there for at least 10 years.  I don’t know why I bought it or if I ever even used it but it certainly hasn’t been touched in at least that long.  In spite of that, as I walked down the basement steps to look for it I almost instantly remembered that I saw it inside a little box that I haven’t touched in a while either.  And you know what?  It was in there.  But this morning?  When I was walking in circles trying to remember where the eff I put the water bottle that I was holding like 2 minutes ago and walking up and down the stairs looking for it ALL over?  Nothing.  Chase finally found it, and thankfully, before I totally lost it.  After I was done asking no one in particular what that was all about I asked Ben and he said that my short term memory must be fried…  WHAT fried my short term memory?  Help!  I’m tired of walking in circles looking for stuff!

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