Saturday, November 20th, 2010

The Busy Woman Reads About Sewing…

for busy women.  I picked up, among other things, The Busy Woman’s Sewing Book by Nancy Zieman at The Book Thing today.   I always pick up books like this with the best intentions and then never pick them up.  BUT, I started thumbing trough this one and am finding it readable and enjoyable.

I particularly like the following passage:

Watch your own habits.  Do you prefer a clean are when you start?  Or would you rather have the garment you’re working on in full view?  If something is keeping you from approaching your machine, try to figure out what it is– a pile or mail, someone’s laundry, bad lighting, an uncomfortable chair?

Uh, all of the above?  Of course, then she goes on to suggest that you take care of the impediment but I love that she talks about what your sewing room probably looks like rather than showing you pictures of sewing rooms that are awesome beyond your wildest dreams.  That never helps.

(random photo from my camera styled by my budding artiste)

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