Monday, November 29th, 2010


It started with Thanksgiving and ended with putting up the Christmas tree!  But it was the best kind of busy.  The fun kind.  The kind where you drop into bed exhausted at the end of the night because you killed an entire bottle of wine… or vodka as the case may be.  

There was a LOT of playing, a good dose of silliness and a little bit of sight seeing.  We went to the Smithsonian to see the dinosaur bones.  We looked at all of the bird and mammal skeletons and went through the insect exhibit that has live insents too.  Chase even held a caterpillar.  It was pretty cool but I didn’t volunteer for it.  We also saw the very coolest coral reef made entirely from crocheted yarn.  It was really special.  More pictures from the trip are here and here.

By the end of the weekend?  We had some tired kids on our hands.  Really tired.  The kids all shared a room and the two girls a bed.  It was our first multi day sleepover but they managed just fine and had a lot of fun.  Does the fact that this picture cracks me up make me a bad parent?  I just think that it’s too funny.

Now that everyone’s gone home the house is so quiet.  Makes having just two seems like a piece of cake.  Two kids hardly make any noise at all.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Putting up the tree was fun!  So fun that I’m seriously considering a 3 or 4 foot little tree for Chase’s room.  Is that crazy?  Ben proclaimed himself as having Christmas spirit so I’m thinking about taking advantage of that a little.  He’s usually such a scrooge.

I found decorations that I have no recollection of buying last year.  It’s a good thing that I didn’t pick up one of those little advent houses that I was looking at. Because if I had I’d be feeling kind of stupid right now.

We’re going to work on a few projects to gussy the place up a bit but next year, these are going on the to do list for sure.

Oh, also?  We were so busy marveling over Avery’s two bottom teeth that we didn’t notice the two top ones coming out.  So yeah, now she was four teeth.  Not sure how long that’s been going on.  And the two next ones are quick on their heels.

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