Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Feeling Festive

We have a little tree!  I’ll share with you the story of the tree.  First, I saw the pink tree with lights at Wal Mart.  That’s what got me thinking about this whole child’s tree business in the first place.  But it was twenty bucks.  Not breaking the bank but twenty bucks nonetheless.

The pink was pretty awesome but there’s always that voice in the back of my head telling me that buying things in pink is not the most practical choice.  You know, because you want to be as practical as possible when you’re picking out a second tiny Christmas tree.   So I kept looking.  I checked three separate thrift stores.  And I found a cute little green 3 foot tree.  You know how much they wanted for it?  Twenty bucks!  Twenty.  That’s totally outrageous.  I think that little tree will be there for a good long while.  Then I checked Joann’s.  They had a white tree with lights for thirty five dollars.  White, I thought.  White works but the trees are getting more rather than less expensive.  I tried Burlington coat factory.  They had a tiny table top tree for eight bucks.  Better price but the tree was wrong.

I looked out across the vast parking lot and tried to decide whether or not to bother checking Home Depot.  I had to take quick inventory of whether it was worth the effort to walk back over to the car and move it or to walk over and risk finding something and having to hump it aaaaall the way back to the car if I didn’t not and whether I could manage to do either of those two things and still make it in time to pick up Chase.  But I did it and was rewarded!  I found a perfectly respectable 3 foot tree for 10 bucks and still had enough time to run back in to Joann’s for a couple of things.

We set the tree up in Chase’s room and strung it with an extra string of lights we had on hand.  So for the duration of the Christmas season it’s Chase’s night light.  We’ve put a couple of decorations on it.  We made a glittery star for the top and one more to hang on the branches, a very short paper chain and a couple of pompoms.  One that Chase made (almost) all by herself!  Right now, I would describe it as Charlie Brown-esque but the little ones are thrilled.  I’ll try to get a picture of it tomorrow.

We agreed that the girls would put their gifts to each other under it to be opened on Christmas eve.  Maybe I’ll put their new pyjamas under there too… if I ever get to them.  I’m pretending like Avery’s birthday isn’t less than two weeks away and I’m also pretending that I didn’t promise myself that I’d finish a crib quilt for her.  I should probably get to work on that.

Here’s a question for you.  A couple of weeks ago we were out shopping and Chase saw something that she said that she wanted to get Avery for her birthday.  I can’t for the life of me remember what it was but I told her that it was probably too early to shop for her birthday and that as it got closer we’d go one day and pick something.  So, while we were out shopping over the weekend I encouraged her to pick something.  In my head, she would choose something small that she would like to play with.  Maybe because we’re usually at local toy stores that have more to choose from that meet that description?  I don’t know but we couldn’t find anything that was appropriate.  Everything “small” was either lame, useless, or otherwise crappy.

We ended up with a classic Fisher Price shoe toy and I think she’ll like it but it’s not at all what I had in mind and now whatever it was that I was trying to impart by having her choose a little something for her sister is all confused.  So my question is how do you handle sibling birthdays?

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