Thursday, December 2nd, 2010


I feel like I’ve written so many posts about my kitchen shenanigans.  Things that seemed like a good idea at the time.  Recipes that seemed so simple going into them.  Maybe the 14 pages of directions should have tipped me off but the cookies were so easy to do.  I had no idea.  Add gingerbread to the list.

Making a gingerbread house is absurdly difficult.  Well, maybe it’s something that an adult could do alone but when I found myself depending desperately on the assistance of a three year old to hold up a side I knew that we needed to take a break to regroup.

The instructions have you assemble the sides, letting them dry for several hours or overnight, before putting on the roof but I just squished it all together and hoped for the best.  It seemed easiest just to wedge all the pieces together so that they all held each other up.  Then we let it dry a while before starting with the candy.

You can see Chase up there really, really concentrating.  She worked on it a while and then we put it aside.  We should be able to finish it up tomorrow including the licorice swirls for the roof.  The whole thing will be covered with candy but would it be fun any other way?  Did you know that licorice all sorts are delicious?  I thought they’d be disgusting hunks of black licorice tasting candy but they’re not.  Who knew?

So I feel bad that I said that gingerbread houses are absurdly difficult.  Who knows what it’s really like?  Making the dough and the icing is easy.  I didn’t actually follow the instructions using the templates because I couldn’t find them.  So my pieces mostly fit together but maybe it would have been way easier if I used theirs.  Who knows.  Now that the hard part is over I guess it was pretty fun and we got to eat the extra cookies.  I can live with that.  I used this recipe for the dough but these instructions as well as their recipe for royal icing.

Also, I need ideas for what to put in our advent calendar!  I’m filling them day to day as it is because I just can’t think of anything.  Avery’s had an animal cracker both days now.  Maybe she doesn’t care but I wish I had a better idea.

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