Monday, December 6th, 2010

You Can’t Catch Me I’m The Gingerbread Man

The tremendous quantity of gingerbread that we made and froze is now all baked!  There stares the gingerbread boy from inside his glass prison.  Don’t worry I’ll liberate him one day soon as I can’t seem to keep my hand out of the cookie jar.

Here’s the very last thing I learned about gingerbread… promise.  Royal icing.  It’s easy.  3 egg whites and 3/4 teaspoon of cream of tartar whipped until foamy + 4 cups of icing sugar = royal icing.  It sounds so fancy and complicated but it’s so not.  I scoop it into a big ziplock bag and pipe it right from there and put the unused portion back in the fridge until next time.  We’re not making picture perfect cookies but it sure has been fun and they taste yummy with a the icing on top.  I decided not to worry about how many sprinkles get spilled on the floor because it’s not like it’s so clean anyway and it’s not like it’s something that the dogs can’t handle.  It’s a lot more fun when I’m not worrying about it.

The two moose shaped cookies are designated as especially for Santa.  They might make it until Christmas but there’s no way the rest of them will.  So, our master cookie list also includes spritz cookies tinted green and in the shape of Christmas trees, sugar cookies, pfeffernusse, and vanille kipferl.  That should get us to the big day even though I’ve pretty much entirely written off food in favor of cookies.   I love cookies.

Speaking of master lists, I’ve been trying to figure out just what I can realistically get done between now and the holidays.  First, because the deadline is even sooner than that, I’m woking on Avery’s blanket.  I worked really hard at picking out these fabrics from the stash.  It was really hard to come up with six that I was finally happy with.  I didn’t have quite enough of those tiny Alexander Henry flowers but I really wanted to use them so I had to supplement with a different flower print.  Looking at it now it seems a little busy but I think it will come together ok.  I really wanted to use that black print too.  I think it’s a little unexpected and different in a good way.  And I’m happy to report that as of tonight all of the blocks are pieced so all I have to do is to come up with an agreeable arrangement.  I’ll definitely be able to finish before the weekend!

We’ve got a busy week ahead.  That little monster there will be one in less than a week.  One!  She used to lie on her back and look at that thing and now she climbs all over it like a little monkey.  Stand, sit, stand, sit, scream!  She’ll have to have her own birthday crown I suppose.  We’re also hitting the Kennedy Center Wednesday night and this weekend wer’re having a birthday and seeing the Nutcracker!  Busy busy.

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