Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Piece On Earth

It’s done!  The quilt top is done!  I squared it off and attached the backing.  If I was a smart kind of a gal I would have tied, washed and wrapped it up tonight but I’m feeling good about getting it done in time and so you know now it’s about waiting until the last minute to finish it off.I’m really happy with it but I remember why I’m not a quilter.  This is about as simple as they come but it still felt like endless cutting of tiny pieces that I kept misplacing.  Totally not for me.   I used this nice tutorial.  It was so nice and easy it made me feel like I could totally go it alone but that is such a bad idea.  I have to remember that.

I just need to wash and press it and I think it will be good to go.  And just in time because it’s cccold.  You can tell because Avery’s wearing a serious business kind of a hat.  Also crossed off the list?  Christmas tree spritz cookies!  Come on Christmas!

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