Thursday, December 9th, 2010


On Monday I won four tickets to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze at the Kennedy Center.  You heard right, I won something.  I was nervous about a 7:30 show in DC on a Wednesday night but who passes on free tickets to a child-appropriate show at the Kennedy Center?  So I pulled out the holiday finery.

First of all I have to thank the lovely Thien-Kim from I’m Not the Nanny for the tickets.  It’s always interesting when you meet someone that you know virtually in real life.  Nothing to worry about here.  She’s just as funny and nice in person as she is online and the kids really seemed to hit it off.

We drove into DC today after school.  Our first stop was to check out daddy’s office.  That was very exciting as we have no idea where he goes when he leaves the house in the morning.  He could be hiding out at the train station all day for all we know but as it turns out he does in fact go to the office.  And a rather nice one at that.

He took us to Farmers and Fishers for dinner.  The food was yummy and Chase got to have her fancy dinner.  We had fun and now I’m afraid that she’s going to demand that all of her guacamole be prepared for her tableside.  that shouldn’t be something reserved for grownup restaurants.  Honestly, who cares?  But the kids, the kids loved it.  Hopefully Chase’s concept of fancy restaurant will evolve now from her previous concept which included, among other things, pictures of ice cream cones and red (like Target).

The show itself was pretty cool too.  Lots of amazing moves.  I have never seen anybody watch and clap as earnestly as Chase.  She loved it.  Just look at her holding up her ticket (backwards! argh!).  Every clap was authentic.  Pure joy and amazement.  I may or may not have teared up a little.  We ducked out at intermission.  It was about 8:30 and I just didn’t see us making it another hour.  Avery was seriously starting to wonder where her milk and pyjamas were.  The nice old lady usher really encouraged us to stay and wait it out until we were in full blown meltdown mode alleging that it would be totally acceptable to drag my screaming kids out of there in the dark mid show but that just didn’t seem prudent to me.

I wish I could take her to see it again!  I hope that now she’ll be super excited for the Nutcracker this weekend.   Also, can I just say that I’m super proud of myself for taking up the challenge of wrestling my children into tights, driving for an hour and then to a fancy restaurant int he big city hoping that they wouldn’t freak out?  I’m high fiving myself right now.

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