Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Pink Smarties Cake!

I really, really can’t believe that it’s been a whole year.  Where did the time go?  I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to figure out the answer to that question.  It’s unbelievable really.  It was a good day even if we all cried just a little.

Things were going so smoothly.  Avery was totally into her special day right from the very beginning when Chase gave her her present and put on her crown first thing in the morning.  She was still going strong when the guests started to arrive, having a good time playing and visiting with everybody.

And then… then it was time for the cake.  Oh the cake.  The cake and the singing. You might remember the fiasco that was Chase’s first birthday party.  Today had so much promise.

I made the cake, I lit the candles, we sang, she was a little usure, she tried to hide.  So, I reassured her, told her everything was alright.  She believed me!  And then.  Then, I looked away for a minute.  No, less than that, a SPLIT SECOND to make sure I was the one who was supposed to blow out the candles.  And she grabbed for the candles.  And even though they blew out before she got her hands on them the whole room gasped!  And so…

She cried.

Sigh.  It didn’t last long and she ate her cake but we were so close.  So close to a happy, cake smashing baby.  What was I thinking about?  Who was going to blow out the candles if it wasn’t me?  Honestly.  Anyway I guess I should be happy that she didn’t burn her little hand, that I didn’t knock the cake off the table trying to save her and that she ate her cake and was happy again in two minutes, right?  Happy birthday little girl.  Oh, the tears are threatening again.  The words emotional roller coaster come to mind.  All in all a great day.

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