Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Less Than Two Weeks

Christmas is speeding toward me at breakneck speed.  I still have stuff to do!  There are still cookies to be baked!  Some nights Chase opens the door on the advent calendar and I think that it just might have been a bad idea.  I’m not sure that I need the constant reminder of how soon Christmas will be here.  

We made spritz cookies from this month’s Living magazine.  I can’t seem to find the exact recipe online but the January issue should be out soon so the December content should be up on the website any day now.  We tinted the dough green and meant to use green sugar on top but there’s no accounting for the ideas of an almost 4 year old.  So there you have it, green trees with yellow (and red) sugar sprinkles.

I’m steadily crossing things off the Christmas to do list.  I made the owl hat that Chase asked for tonight.  Yes, another hat.  That makes three including the smurf hat that I bought for her stocking and forgot about.  It doesn’t look quite the same as the picture.  I meant to put ears on it but realized that they were upstairs as I started sewing… and was too lazy to go up for them.  Or maybe I’ll just keep it for myself.

Avery has been one for exactly, what, 2 days?  And suddenly my sweet baby who would happily babble herself to sleep stands in her crib and screams for hours.  She holds me hostage in her room and somehow knows the moment that I back away from her crib even if she has her eyes closed and is facing the other way.  How does she do that??

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