Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Pretty (Borax) Snowflakes

We made this one yesterday.  I’ve always wanted to try this project but I never bothered because I always thought they would involve more than just water and Borax.  

I don’t know why we have a box of Borax under the sink but there it was.  So last night we made a wonky little snowflake and tonight we made two candy canes.  Chase twisted up the pipecleaners all by herself.  She was very excite to wake up and see her snowflake all covered in jewels.  A fun and easy project!

All you need are pipe cleaners, a clean quart size container, 3 cups of water, borax powder (I used 20 Mule Team), some string and a pencil.

Fill a quart container with 3 cups of boiling water and stir in 9 tablespoons of borax powder until it’s dissolved.  Twist your pipecleaners into a shape and use the string to hang it from the pencil.  Submerge the pipecleaners and use the pencil to keep it suspended in the container.  Then it just has to sit overnight in the solution.  In the morning it will look just like that.  Just take it out of the solution and let it hang dry or rest it on some newspaper.  I’ve read that you can use food coloring to tint the solution but haven’t tried it.  I think we’ll be making at least a few more of these.  That’s a big box of borax :)  I’d explain the crystallization process to her too if I understood it even a little bit.

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