Wednesday, January 26th, 2011


It’s back.  I don’t think this bodes well for the rest of the week.  I see cabin fever in my future.  I’m thinking science experiments and homemade pizzas and extra long baths.  

I think Avery would enjoy the snow more if she would walk but she still refuses to do that.  A couple of times she’s forgotten that she’s on strike and walked over to me to bring me a little something or other but it didn’t stick.  I suppose she’ll do it when she’s good and ready.  I should probably stop carting her all over the house.  Maybe she needs a little incentive.

Ok, I’ve got reading to do!  I’m about half way through At Home but am putting it down in order to pick up this and this.  The book is interesting and full of all sorts of tidbits of information I just wish it wasn’t quite so long.  I’m halfway through and am about at the limit of how much time I want to spend on it.  Stay warm!

PS I’m still cooking my way through back issues of Everyday Food.  Patty melts are soooo good.

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