Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Look Away for a Second

And your baby will paint the floor.  What’s Avery doing?  She’s being awfully quiet.  Oh, look at that.  We left paint on the easel.  Thank goodness it’s washable.  Also, Avery is super cute in the bath.  She still tries to pick up and hand me big handfuls of water.  

Did you have school today?  We didn’t… AGAIN.  But it seems that the ice forecasted for tomorrow isn’t a comin’ anymore?  It’s getting to the point where the routine is so broken that I’m not sure if I can motivate myself to get up and do drop off in the morning.  Does anyone have a sense of what kind of weather we’re expecting?

There were things that I wanted to write but I’m having one of those nights (days?) where I only want to whine and complain.  So, that being said, I’ll end it here.  I’ll try again tomorrow :)

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