Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Paperback Pocket Duo

I haven’t been working on much of anything lately.  But I have been keeping my eye on the One Yard Wonders Sew Along at Pink Chalk Fabrics.  When I saw the completed week three projects (these are actually supposed to be for mail) I thought it would be perfect for a girl just totally swimming in books.  It took me weeks to complete the project between all the hemming and hawing, digging out just the right fabric, cutting and then actually putting it together.

The sewing itself is straightforward and the project overall is quick and easy.  It felt good to finish something and I love finding just the right material in my stash.  This one came from Picket Fence Fabric in Brockville.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this project will parlay into anything else.  I didn’t build any momentum but caught a glimpse of productivity for just a second there.  I’m also catching a glimpse of these pictures here and wishing that I maybe took a minute to stage them a little but  I suddenly find myself very busy.  I’m not sure yet exactly with what but busy nonetheless.  Maybe it’s a good thing.  Being home less = less opportunity to accidentally burn it down by putting metal in the microwave?

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I say pretty happy only because even though I measured the dowel (once) I cut them too short.  Guess I should have followed the old adage.  And I had trouble hammering in the last of the four nails that anchor the hooks in place.  I mean honestly.  There’s nothing I can do about that now.  Have I mentioned how I cannot stand these plaster and lathe walls?  Can’t. Stand. Them.

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