Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Stand By Your Pan

Since it’s only Tuesday and we’ve already eaten more than our fair of pasta and rice I decided to change it up a little tonight.  We had chili and cornbread or corncake depending on how you want to spin it.  In my opinion, that doesn’t make it sound more appetizing but there’s no accounting for the tastes of a four year old.  

Chase says to me, “Mommy, I neeeed a snaaaack” and so it begins.  I tell her that I’m taking a delicious pan of cornbread out of the oven.  But she doesn’t want cornbread she wants goldfish.  I suggest that she try it rather than raging on about the goldfish.  She persists insisting that she doesn’t like cornbread.  I finally break down and tell her it’s like cake.  She stops talking about the goldfish for a minute and inquires about the possibility of getting some frosting on that corncake.  I tell her it’s not the kind of cake that gets icing but that maybe she would like a little drizzle of honey over the top.  She deliberates, she agrees.  She sits down to her corncake with honey drizzle and proceeds to devour it, totally cleaning the whole plate.  Then she hops off the chair, proclaims the corncake “not delicious” and storms out of the kitchen.  Umm… not delicious?  She had another piece with dinner.

But this post isn’t about cornbread or chili.  It’s about my cast iron pans.  Watching my friend making omelets in her well-seasoned cast iron inspired me, 6 or 8 months later, to pull mine off the shelf and get them all fixed up.  I cleaned them with a mixture of oil and kosher salt, rinsed them out with hot water and then seasoned them with vegetable oil.  They’re amazing.  I don’t know why I struggled so hard before.  Maybe I didn’t season them properly or maybe I didn’t give them enough time to really break in or maybe I just needed to watch someone to put all the pieces together.  I’m so happy with them right now and  I’m so done with non-stick.  Eggs slide right out then I just rinse with a little hot water, put it back on the stove to dry it out and season again with a little oil if necessary.  Am I doing it right?  I want to digging around to find my old Le Creuset cast iron pans but I think 4 frying pans might be overkill.

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