Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Poor Sad Baby

I gave that poor sad baby a juice box.  She doesn’t seem to be sick.  No fever.  Just a heap of sad, miserable baby.  I had to do something about that sad face.  She didn’t even want to go on the swings today.  So I gave her the juice and then when I had to intervene to prevent her from squeezing the whole thing all over the place?  I wasn’t even taking it away!  Crying.  Lots of sad baby crying.  It probably wasn’t my best idea but I’m trying everything!She slept a lot today.  Just like yesterday and went to bed early.  I’m adding possibly fighting a cold to my list of potential culprits.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen her look quite so sad.  Meanwhile, the weather is beautiful.  We went to the playground twice today!  By this afternoon we didn’t even need jackets anymore.  I didn’t realize how ready I am for spring.

In other news, I’ve had a felted cable knit sweater hanging around here forever.  Months ago I decided to try to turn it into  a bag.  Not long after that my friend lent me her copy of Alterknits so I could check out her instructions for the Recycled Sweater Totes.  I’m changing it up a little.  I want the bag to have a more rounded shape, a lining and for the handles to be a little different than she shows them.  Kinda like this one from Urban Outfitters.  I know.  I can’t follow a recipe either.  I should be finished with this project by now.  Somehow I lost my mojo.

Seems like we all need to get our groove back.

*** Ok, I’m editing this after thinking about it for a while.  I might be overstating it a little.  I mean, it’s not like she’s miserable ALL day.  But she’s just not herself you know?  My super happy baby is only somewhat happy and really quick to tears.  Something else is afoot.

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