Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Franks and Beans!

Another failed experiment but I’m not taking it too hard.  I don’t even like baked beans but I got it in my head that I really wanted to make some and that they would be goooood.  That and I had a bunch of “ingredients” that I needed to use up.  I poked around the internet a bit but turned up almost nothing that didn’t start by opening a can of baked beans.

So I winged it.  Some onion, half a languishing red pepper, some leftover bacon and half a pound of tiny great northern beans that I quick soaked in the morning.  Then I poured over the water that was left in the kettle, added some ketchup, a tiny bit of dijon mustard, molasses, Lyle’s Golden Syrup AND brown sugar.  Then I simmered it until the sauce was thick and luscious and smelled soooo good and added a splash of balsamic to perk it up a bit.  My stomach was growling.  I tasted.  Weird.  The beans were still hard.  I added more water, cooked it longer.  Still hard.  It went on that way for a while, until I just couldn’t take it anymore and I ate it.  I did al dente beans and all.  That’s how good it was.  We all ate it and then I ate it again today.  Those are Avery’s little fingers trying to grab the plate right off the table.

It’s kind of a sad story.  I was sure I had navy beans but I just couldn’t find them.  Imagine if the recipe had worked.  I did learn a few things though.  I guess that counts for something.  I bet there was something in that sauce that inhibited softening somehow.  Next time I’ll cook the beans all the way before I start.  I even tried to cook them longer today in the crockpot and they got a little softer but certainly not as soft as they should have been.  I put the last serving back in the fridge but I think I’m going to call it.  How good does a sauce have to be for you to eat your beans al dente three days in a row?   Did I say al dente?  I meant un-donte.

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