Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Super Girl

All day Avery toddles around the house finding things to dress up in.  Necklaces are a big favorite.  She also likes hats and bracelets.  Last weekend we went to a super birthday party with a superhero theme and she was lucky enough to get her very own tiny cape.  Every time she sees it she demands that I put in on her.  She kills me with cute.

Also, I think it’s time for the giant misshapen wreath has to go.  And I have some big plans for projects in the kitchen.  If only I could find my sketchbook.  I went out and bought it especially for recording my big ideas.  I Used it once to sketch the strawberry shortcake hat and never saw it again.  Maybe it ran away.

Sketchbook, come back! I promise to be good this time.

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