Friday, March 18th, 2011


The weather could not be better and we are really enjoying it.  Bikes are out the sidewalk chalk is too.  Yesterday we went to the zoo, today we went to the library and just like that we made it all the way through the week of spring break!  We did it!  Back to school on Monday!

I took Chase for a new bike helmet today.  It’s time when the helmet leaves little red dents on your forehead right?  Anyway, since Avery figured out how to ride on the back of the trike while Chase pedals it’s time for everyone to move up.

Have you tried 3D sidewalk chalk?  It’s interesting stuff.  I don’t know how they make those glasses but more than 30 seconds with them on is way too long.  The chalk lines aren’t too impressive but the big blue patch that we painted at the top of the hopscotch looks like the ocean.  Pretty amazing.  We worked on that during the 40 minutes that Avery slept today.  I totally blew it.  She took 2 hour naps all week and I think I unravelled all of that this afternoon.  Or it could just be that she’s feeling better and is over her little cold.  I will probably never know.

I’m ready for summer! Bikes, soccer, swimming and more matching dresses.  I’m ready for things to be not quite so hectic too but I’m at odds with myself on that one.  That can’t happen until I stop committing myself to a thousand different things and, well, I’m not making much progress on that front.  I went and made myself super busy and now I’m not so sure about it.

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