Monday, April 4th, 2011

Soccer, Sauce and Silliness

Spring soccer clinic started last weekend. Saturday morning was utterly miserable, dark, cloudy and wet but we got out there. There were many tears. There was much hand holding. There was much encouragement. There were threats. Eventually she played. And when she played she got in there and loved it! When we got home I asked Ben if I was the crazy mom on the sidelines. Probably the fact that I had to ask for feedback because I was so excited that I mostly can’t remember anything is not a good sign. I just didn’t even know that I had that soccer mom in me. Someone needs to tell her to simmer down.

We spent a lot of time on Sunday trying to make the yard look more presentable.  It’s still, as in five years later, a work in progress.  So we spent some time outside.  Inside the girls amused themselves with the much loved night night game.  It always starts out as serious business but never ends that way.  Don’t worry, on Sunday I did a little laundry.  There’s a chance this week, that if I fold some of it, my kids will be properly clothed and/or wear matching pyjamas at some point.  No promises but maybe.

When I think back over the last several days I find it hard to leave tomato sauce off the list of things I’ve done.  I’ve made the Silver Palate quick tomato sauce twice in less than a week and it makes a ton.  I used one batch for a lasagne and the other I used for pizza and froze the rest in smallish servings.

I really, really like this sauce.  It’s a pretty standard sauce.  You start by sweating some carrots and onions in a good amount of olive oil.  What sets the sauce apart is the addition of a bay leaf to the traditional seasonings and reserving the addition of garlic until after the sauce is done simmering along with a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and some fresh herbs.  Then you whiz the whole pot up with the immersion blender.  It’s simple but super and I’m sticking with this method from here on out.  Plus it’s good on a pizza.

I didn’t get to the grocery store today.  The week got out to a little bit of a slow start so I have no idea what’s on the menu for the rest of the week.  If only it were mystery that was the spice of life.  Wouldn’t that be something?

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