Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Making Fun

I don’t think Avery would trade her canvas bag seat and chalk paint bottles for all the German made toys, dolls, or heck, even dollhouses in the world.  Sometimes when I can’t take the chalk bits or the sound of chalk rolling around on the floor anymore I pile it all into the dump truck and shut it in the vestibule.  

Basically that means I have to choose between angry baby banging on the plate glass or quiet baby happily stacking paint bottles that shed dried chalk paint all over the floor.  So, you know, I mostly just let her play there.  I like that sidewalk chalk paint but it goes so fast.  What else should I have in the outdoor play arsenal?  I found a book about marble games and another about games to play with sidewalk chalk but haven’t actually cracked them open yet.  So in the meantime I could use a few new ideas.

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