Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Strawberry Shirtcake

Chase told me for weeks, WEEKS that strawberry shortcake needed a new jacket.  And somehow, unknown to Chase and perhaps the result of telepathy, Chase’s good buddy resolved to make her one.  Well, it’s a shirt really but if you ask Chase it’s a shirt on one side and reverses to a jacket on the other.  And if you put it on backwards it’s pyjamas.   She’s was thrilled, just thrilled to receive this gift.  And clearly, poor strawberry shortcake needed the wardrobe makeover.  Gold shoes?  Dots and stripes?  And yikes, pull a brush through that mop.

I just may have convinced SweetPepita to share the pattern so stay tuned for that and start digging out your old tshirts!  Oh, and it’s that time again.  Kid’s clothes week is almost upon us.  Time to get organized.

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