Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Baby Belly

Don’t you love a good one?  She’s just discovered her belly button as her belly has grown so large that the button part is all out-ey now.

I had a good laugh on the playground today when I picked Chase up from school.  One of her teachers pulled me aside and said that there was a little confusion at lunch time.They’re dyeing eggs at school this week for Easter so this morning I packed three hardboiled eggs in Chase’s lunchbox with instructions for her to eat one and to give the two others to Ms. J.  Well, I wasn’t specific enough because when lunchtime came around she made a big stink when Ms. K tried to put the eggs aside for dyeing.  Chase, apparently, was livid because I told her to eat one and to give the other two to Ms. J.  And that, clearly, was so that Miss J. could eat them for lunch.

That girl cracks me up.  Apparently the scene involved a lot of finger wagging and exclaiming of ‘you don’t understand what I’m SAYING!’  Everyone was a very good sport about it.  I suppose because it seems so obvious, looking back, how the mixup happened.  It just didn’t even occur to me.  Ah, the four year old mind.  It’s mostly a mystery to me.  The other mystery of the day?  How she got the dirt goatee and moustache.  Pressing up against a screen I think.  The girl could not be sillier.

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