Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Order Up

We were go go go all day long.  I tell you.  Chase’s day started out with the addition of a tiny suitcase full of My Little Ponies to the toys in the her classroom and ended with a little outing and ice cream cone with her teachers.  I suspect that a 2:1 teacher to student ratio isn’t bad every now and then.  Particularly when you live with 16 month old Godzilla baby.  You might be up for a little one on one time.  

Later we got to check out Port Discovery with some good friends.  We haven’t been in years.  It’s amazing to see Chase take on the giant climbing structure!  Wow.  She’s like a little monkey.  It was a fun afternoon even if I did have to take my oldest child home in the car imploring her to PLEASE stop whining.  I was going to say that I don’t like to make excuses for her behavior but, the truth is,  I do it all the time.  And maybe it was too long of a day or maybe it’s allergies that have her down.  It’s the goodbye part that’s always so hard.  But truly I’ve never seen her sneeze like this.  At some point today I considered whether I was going to need to pull over to do something.  I don’t know what but it was a lot of snot and a lot of sneezing.  So we’re on an allergy medication regimen and hopefully that helps.

I finished watching Upstairs Downstairs.  I realized that I forgot to tune in last weekend and then I tuned in last night only to find that a new series started.  I was pretty upset.  First Downton Abbey ends abruptly and now this.  Three episodes?  Really?  But no, it’s great.  The third episode wraps everything up nicely.  If you didn’t catch it on tv you can watch all the episodes on line.  It’s worth it.

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