Friday, May 6th, 2011

Another Funny Hat

Avery has another funny hat.  I want to copy this one to make a pattern and to finally learn how to crochet flowers because I think adding something like that woud be cute.  I’m trying to figure out exactly how old this hat is.  The style and shape are not at all familiar to me.  Thoughts?

Both of my kids are so strangely attracted to hats.  I think we have enough of a collection to start thinking about how to store and/or display them.  And maybe just maybe if they have somewhere nice to put them where they can still see them they won’t fight me so hard when it’s time to take them off.  What are the chances of that?

We used up some Easter chocolate today by making biscotti.  There was some protest but I think that the ends justify the means.  Not to mention that I think that she’ll forget about the Easter candy long before it’s anywhere near finished.  The rest of the day we played outside and it shows on my kids.  Not in their sunkissed hair and faces but in the dirty clothes, sand filled shoes and, in Chase’s case, hives, itchy eyes, snot and coughing.  She’s on medication that lasts 24 hours and she’s ok all day until 23  hours and 45 minutes when she starts yelling about how her body itches all over.  Poor kid.

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