Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Me Mom

Happy mother’s day!  My day was all about spending time with the fam, oversized beverages and too much ice cream.  In other words it was terrific.  Goodness all around.  I hope all of my mom friends and family had a great day too.  

We hit the sheep and wool festival.  We had a good time there watching the working dogs, the sheep shearing and petting the animals.  We are our share of concessions  because it’s hard not to do that no matter how much you resist.  I was good though.  I didn’t buy the soft as air alpaca teddy bears although I kind of wish I’d never touched them.

But that’s not all!  Then I got a brand stinking new vacuum, drank a margarita and ate some delicious tacos.  I love that Avery always agrees to eat anywhere that serves rice and beans, that Chase loves a good quesadilla and that Ben learned to embrace hot sauce in his old age.

My margarita was perfect too.  Nothing like the ones I attempted on Cinco de Mayo.  Who has a foolproof margarita recipe?

Circling back to the vacuum for a minute.  Costco is kind of the best place on earth.  They are serious about the lifetime satisfaction guarantee that they offer.  So the vacuum wasn’t really my gift just an absolute necessity.  Ben is still walking around shaking his head and muttering about what he just vacuumed out of the rugs.  I didn’t ask too many questions.  I just think it’s for the best that I just never really know the truth about it.  The vacuum’s been broken for over a week you know, so…

Ben and the girls got me a Nook which is kind of brilliant because I like to read in bed and there’s a lot of conflict in this house over that.  They were pretty happy with themselves about that.  About mother’s day in general I think.  Lots of high five-ing and back patting today.  The only problem is that I typically don’t buy books.  I get lots of them from friends or from the book thing or the library.  So it’s hard for me to justify the cost of ebooks.  Would it be easier if I paid retail for books?  Maybe I should be comparing the cost to how much I pay in library fines?  Do you use an e reader?  Tell me about it.  Do I need one?

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