Monday, May 16th, 2011

First Harvest

It’s time for my annual picture of the first berries of summer.  It’s kind of funny because there’s been a red painted rock out there for a few weeks now that we kept getting excited over until we finally stopped checking.  Then one day lo and behold…  ripe berries!

We decided to save them for breakfast tomorrow.  Or maybe we’ll do fruit salad for lunch.  Maybe then no one will notice just how sparse the pantry is at the moment.  Monday grocery shopping got pushed off until tomorrow and it required a little creativity today.

And lettuce too.  All covered in aphids.  Seriously, I just lost all my confidence in triple washed organic salad mix.  I rinsed that lettuce no less than 6 times before I felt confident that it was ready to eat.  But it was good alongside the happy pizza.  That’s what I’m calling the pizza I made from the dough that I’d forgotten and rediscovered in the fridge at 5:20.  Happy pizza.

Ben wanted me to thin the lettuce but I’m just clear cutting it.  It will be too hot for lettuce soon anyway.  I figure if it grows back it grows back.  It’s survival of the fittest gardening around here.

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