Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Six Rapunzels

Check any nook or any cranny in my house.  There will be a paper girl in it.  Ok, it’s not exactly fair to blame the stuffing of all nooks and crannies on the paper girls.  The stuffing of nooks and crannies is mostly my fault.  That being said, Chase is crazy for paper girls.  She draws and cuts them out herself.  This afternoon she made a unicorn for the biggest rapunzel to ride!

I don’t want to encourage her to say paper dolls.  They’re paper girls and I totally get it.  I’ll be sad to see paper girls go the way of merote and after dessert.  And one day she’ll probably figure out that you can buy books full of glossy perfect paper dolls rather drawing them freehand.  Until then, I’ll keep finding spots on the fridge and allotting valuable flat surface real estate to the many Rapunzels.

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