Wednesday, June 1st, 2011


It’s here!  We were away for a few days and drove back smack dab into the middle of a heat wave with no end in sight.  At least we have the kiddie pool.  We upgraded a little to something that our yard can accomodate and can mostly hold two kids.  Mostly as in when the oldest isn’t putting on a circus show.

So, there’s the pool and I know I’ve scorned Pillow Pets in the past.  Swore I would never buy one.  But, well, Chase loves them and pined, PINED for the ladybug for months.  And so we caved.  It all happened so fast.  What are the chances that you pull off the highway in a hurry, screaming baby in the car, straight into the first parking lot you see and it’s a Toys R Us.  I mean honestly.  It’s a miracle we made it out at all.  We were very seriously weakened by that point.  We’re all mostly recovered now but how is it Wednesday??

Anyway, meet Princess Ladybug and Hippo.  Avery’s still adding new words to her repertoire daily.  Ow, wawa, my and mine, I might have mentioned those before but hippo is definitely new and SO cute.  Sometimes it’s bippo and sometimes it’s boppa but every now and then it’s hippO, emphasis on the O like hippowe.  So cute.  I’ve been waiting to see what she will choose for her special lovey and it looks like hippo might be it.

So since we broke the bank with double pillow pets, we’re eating at home this week.  This week I branched out.  Instead of plain old sauce and cheese for pizza night I recreated the Cipolla pizza from Iggie’s.  That pizza is OUT OF THIS WORLD.  Seriously.  And as much as I like to support the local economy, well, it’s just not in the cards as much as I’d like it to be.  But I totally did it.  Last week some time I searched around a little to try to figure out “red onion confit” but I decided not to overthink it.  I carmelized the onions adding a little sugar and balsamic vinegar right before I turned the heat off.  I spread that on the pizza dough, dolloped on some ricotta and topped it off with the prosciutto and a sprinkling of mozzarella.  It was spot on.  Pizza love.

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