Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Buppy the Hippo

For all my complaining earlier this week the weather is now fantastic. Couldn’t be better. I’m loving summer right now. My kids are too.  You can see in the videos Avery’s wardrobe is pretty limited at the moment. But, hey, if I thought I had any hope of pulling it off I’d probably try.

We have plans for next week.  You know, things to fill our time with.  This week was a lot.  Good but a lot all the same.  I’ve had a lot of time to watch the girls interact with each other and to see all of the things they can do together now that they couldn’t do just a few weeks ago.

So we took a little video.  This is Chase’s first attempt behind the camera.  Not too bad though I could live without hearing myself coaxing Avery and hearing it doubled in Chase’s voice like some kind of creepy mommy echo chamber.  Actually, if you didn’t catch a glimpse of my skirt in the video you might not know that I wasn’t at the wheel.  It’s not like I can hold the camera steady or anything anyway.

And also Powergirls. You know, I thought that power girl was a sweet idea that my daughter came up with but as it turns out Powergirls are totally a thing.

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