Monday, June 6th, 2011

Bubbles and Berries

So, I saw this a while back and thought it was a totally brilliant idea.  I’ve been looking and looking for just the right container and couldn’t seem to find one.  Finally today I found an old Coleman cooler with the right kind of spout on it so I bought it.  It’s way less cute than the one in the picture but perfectly functional and the bubbles work too!  

I even saved some empty bubble containers to fill.  Of course, by the time I’d mixed up the bubble solution the kids wanted to try it right away and there was no time to run back in to look for them.  And that is why I never yelled at my kids about burying the bubble wands in the sandbox.  We totally knew where to find them!  So, it’s not only a bubble dispenser but also the world’s biggest jug-o-bubbles.  Avery tried to blow bubbles for a while and then scrapped the whole bubble wand business in favor of sticking her hands into the cooler.  I suppose that would be more fun.

About the berries… I bought a basketful of berries at the farmer’s market for two bucks.  I had lots of deep thoughts about those berries.

Deep Thought #1 Wow, two bucks what a steal and now I won’t have to actually go picking.

#2 Oh, I won’t actually get to go picking.

#3 Too late to worry about that now.  I’m going to prep these berries right away because I’m so on top of this.  Wow, look at me!  I’m so way ahead of the game.

#4 Crap, I’m supposed to be somewhere in half an hour.  These red stains will come out of my hands right?

#5 Half an hour later at said event… my arms are bleeding!  Oh, it’s just the juice that ran down my arms and that I neglected to wash off because I was running late.

#6 When am I going to finish that jam?  Maybe I should pencil in a shower?

#7 Nice, I have a minute, I’ll do it now.  Where’s the pectin?  I’m out.  Awesome.

#8 Do I need pectin?  Those berries were so ripe that they were practically jam already maybe I don’t want to use so much sugar.  Don’t I have some of that Pomona’s pectin somewhere that I never did get around to trying?  Found it.  Great.

#9 Buuut maybe I shouldn’t since I’ve never tried it and won’t I get more jam if I use the regular recipe with 5 cups of sugar instead of a half cup of honey?

#10 Still deliberating.

#11 Much, much later, berries prepped and pectin purchased, I only burnt myself twice but I have 7 lovely jars of strawberry jam to show for it.

The hand written sign said never been sprayed so for two bucks I feel like this was a win!  When I went to buy pectin I couldn’t find the boxes anymore.  Now it comes in a little container that you measure out by the tablespoonful.  It’s a good idea for the backyard gardner because you can make small batches but I liked the mindlessness of just dumping a packet.  That works well for me.

Lastly, because I refuse to let my spirit be crushed by two failed batches of margaritas and because I still believe in the possibility of delicious margaritas at home I bought margarita mix at Trader Joe’s.  Damn you margaritas, I WILL win this battle!

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