Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

A Book Thing

Totally gratuitous baby picture notwithstanding, I have a little bit of a thing for books.  Not like I read so prolifically but, still, I like them.  I particularly like hunting for a gem in the bins at The Book Thing because I find lots of them.  So many that I’ve been thinking about sharing them for a long time.  

I try really hard to actually read the books that I bring home (we’re talking about just the kid’s books of course) and to curate the collection.  I might let Chase bring home Barbie’s Mermadia (2.5 stars!) but it doesn’t hang around long, you know what I mean?  There’s a little bit of confusion still about the library, The Book Thing and the bookstore and which books you get to keep and which books have to go back.  There’s no harm in a little ambiguity, right?

So the other night, I read the three books that landed in the stack in front of me.  The selection process is kind of loose and usually completely random.  On that particular night we read Ten, Nine, Eight, What Sadie Sang and Find the Teddy.  When I closed the last book I thought wow, that was lucky.  These three books are perfect together and such sweet little stories.  At the end of each of the books the baby is tucked in and ready for bed.

Ten, Nine, Eight was picked for us by someone else but we have since added another Molly Bang title to our collection.  We have three or four board books illustrated by Stephen Cartwright and my kids love all of them.  His illustrations are so appealing.  What Sadie Sang is just a terrific little story about a baby and her mama.  Avery loves it.  She loves that the baby goes for a walk in her stroller and she loves her song too.   I love the illustrations.

These three are definitely keepers.  The SpongeBob book with the tiny electric guitar that came home last week, on the other hand, not so much.  Hunting at The Book Thing means I’m a little out of touch with contemporary kid lit but I count on my friends to keep me up on required reading.  Oh, and I finished Angle or Repose.  It was good but slow for the first 200 pages or so but overall a great read.  It’s just exactly the right speed for me.  Part wild west, part victorian, and part exploration of the human condition.

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