Saturday, June 11th, 2011

I Made Something

It’s been a while friends, it’s been a while.  But I did it.  After many weeks of thinking about it I got back on the horse.  It’s a modified version of a dress that I bought for Chase over Memorial Day Weekend.  

The top is about half a t-shirt and the skirt is from some rayon yardage that I picked up a Gus’s Woolens.  I modified this tutorial for the skirt.  I’m loving the circle skirt.  I used bias tape to make facing for the hem.  I love that technique.  I started the skirt last night and finished the hem this morning.  Easy easy.

I want to do it again!  With a lightweight cotton this time (maybe some Liberty lawn?!).  Maybe I’ll make one for Avery.  She loves a good spinning dress too.  And this it THE spinning dress.  After wearing it for a little while Chase decided to make it fancier by adding buttons.  She picked out the two biggest buttons in the jar and I sewed them on for her.  I resisted for a second but after all, what’s a button stash for if it isn’t making dresses fancier??

I might even make one of these for myself.

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