Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

No Paper Doll Today

Mostly because when Chase got home today she drew her inspiration from the collaborative work hanging on the easel that me and Avery worked on.  So she drew flowers in pencil.  Then she hung it on her newly covered bulletin board.  I tried this once before but it didn’t work out so well.  

This all came about because of an unfortunate mishap with something that was nailed to the wall somewhere under where the bulletin board is hanging now.  Their room is always a work in progress anyway.  So I decided to move some of the stuff around.  Mostly, I decided to pull the bulletin board out from where I was hiding it behind her bed so that I could use it to hide where the paint is missing.

I’ll figure out a new hanging apparatus and move that other stuff somewhere else.  I’m going to have to rehang the board too.  I just sort of wanted to see if it would work.  Now I can move it around a little so it’s not quite so jammed into the corner.

Regardless, it was a quick and dirty project.  It’s covered in crazy fake fur because it was close at hand but I like it!  I might need to give it a little haircut but, still, I like it.  I just anchored it with lots of straight pins.  We’ll see how it holds up.

We picked out oversized novelty and flags of the world push pins at Staples.  The first thing she put up there… even before our flowers?  The letter that she got in the mail from her friend Charlotte.  Made her day.  It reads: Dear Chase. I miss you very much.  I am going to be home the next day.  Love, Charlotte.  Could you die?  She couldn’t be cuter.

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