Thursday, June 16th, 2011

6.16.11.Paper Dolls of the Day

Camp must have been like a paper girl making factory today.  Or maybe she felt like she had to make up for yesterday by being extra crazy prolific today.  I suppose the one on the left is really just an honorary paper girl since she’s not cut out but I had to include her anyway because it’s me you see.

A little bit about the girls as they were described to me, from left to right: Me wearing a weddingdress and a crown with big cheeks from my smile, Chase, me again but this time as a “real princess,” me, again, but as a baby, and finally Princess Ariel.  She’s sad.  I asked about her smile and she told me that’s just how she cries.  With a smile on.

I’m partial to the green one that she calls herself.  She’s drawn in markers on gold paper and she looks like she has Princess Leah style buns.  She’s pretty cute.

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