Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

I never do a great job with fathers day but I’m happy to report that, even if not entirely surprised by them, I think that Ben actually liked his gifts this year.  And I even got him with the matchy matchy because who can resist dressing up to please your adorable girls?  Chase also picked out two pairs of swim trunks for him but I think that might not have been an entirely selfless act.  

I am also very pleased to report that we didn’t break down and give him his gifts way ahead of time.  So I may not have knocked it out of the park and maybe I wish I hadn’t been quite to yell-y this morning but, if nothing else, it gave Ben an opportunity to showcase his talents as an awesome dad and team player and reminded him of how entirely essential he is to keeping this ramshackle operation going.  Yay for me.  And happy fathers day to Ben.  Best dad ever.  Did I mention I think he liked his gifts?  Maybe I did knock it out of the park after all :)

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