Monday, June 20th, 2011


Morning was all mismatched socks and paper crowns and lots of books.  I took all of the books off of the living room shelves and organized them.  It’s true.  I did.  And the girls amused themselves. It was pretty good and probably the first and last time that it will happen this summer.  

And then after that I moved some toys around.  I’ve been squirreling away these vintage little people toys and finally I broke down and bought some pieces to make the sets playable.  They really like them.  Both of my kids enjoy putting little guys in little cars and little chairs.  It’s just their cup of tea.

No paper dolls today and that’s because there was work to be done in the Barbie Fariytopia coloring book that she found at The Book Thing.  I always let her keep what she digs for so, you know, it came home.  It was interesting to see her work in the book.  She loves work books but doesn’t seem to care too much for coloring books.  We’ve had many along the way.  Today I let her paint with watercolors and she worked really hard at each of the rainbow fairies that she painted.  She really worked at the book for a surprisingly long time while Avery napped which is usually when she starts campaigning for the television.   I’ll take that Barbie coloring book over whining about the tv any day.

I hesitate about the Barbie book because I’m sensing an impending, I don’t know, Barbie frenzy.  Maybe, maybe not.  She talks about Barbie A LOT though she doesn’t play with the ones she has.  She takes out nonfiction books about Barbie from the library and PORES over them.  I guess I have more to say about those nonfiction books.  Tomorrow.  But for right now, it’s kind of scary to watch the mounting frenzy… or not… and not know what’s coming and how afraid I should or should not be.  Argh.  Barbie, please be gentle.

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