Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

In the Works

Chase has been bugging me to make her a doll for a week or two.  I took out the Martha Stewart Craft Encyclopedia that I have, not surprisingly, never used.  The doll, of course, is a princess.  She wanted her clothes to be silver, for her to have a crown, and a new dress afterward.  You’re looking at a couple hours’ worth of work from the digging out of the silver fabric (truly, I had that in the basement and somehow she knew it.).

It’s a pretty quick and easy project that I think would be a great toddler gift.  I used the pattern to cut out the doll and so far it looks almost exactly like the simple walforf-inspired dolls in the book… well, except for the silver lamé body.  And I used a woven for the hands, feet and face because that’s what I had and I let Chase draw on the face rather than embroidering it because she wanted to and because I hate embroidering doll faces because I stink at it.  Other than that I followed the directions.  I’m going to jazz it up a bit with a little trim around the cuffs and maybe some ruffles across the bum.  A rumba frill.  The only complaint I have so far is that the pattern printed on four separate sheets when I’m pretty sure it could have fit on one or two at the most.  That was kind of ridiculous.

And when I’m done with this she’s already slid this into the next position in the stack.  Beach knitting.  How many dolls does one girl need?  Also there was an almost bedtime tantrum over a missing Barbie book.  But the almost tantrum was way better than the actual tantrum that Avery threw yesterday.  Like the full-on heard of but never seen lying, kicking on the ground tantrum of parent lore.  It lasted about 20 minutes and by the time I calmed her down I still had no idea what it was she was losing it over.  Today I was better prepared and I *think* it’s because she wants to get out of her crib by herself and not by being lifted out by me.  That poses it’s own unique and interesting little problem too.  I have lots of sewing and figuring to do.

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