Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Fair Rapunzel

So, she’s really happy with the way Rapunzel turned out.  I’m happy too though she doesn’t knock my socks off.  Avery wants one too now.  She picked out something nice and soft for the body so hers should be extra cuddly.  

I’m glad that I spent all night sewing on untold quantities of yellow yarn.  The first thing Chase did this morning was let her hair out of the braids I made to make sure that it would touch the ground when she’s standing.  I totally saw that one coming.  She made me take a picture of her from the back so that you could see just how long her hair is.

The next thing she did today was to adorn her with golden beads and then demand that I get to work on her dress right away.  I hope that the beads divert her attention from the extra dress for a minute so that I can finish up Avery’s.  She seems to think that this is some kind of doll factory.

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