Friday, June 24th, 2011

One Last Paper Doll… I Think

I think we might be moving on here.  Paper doll production slowed waaaay down.  I don’t think I posted this one yet though it’s been hanging around here for a couple of days.  Chase is spending more time painting and drawing I think and today she asked me to show her how to draw different types of flowers.  That’s the second time in recent days that she’s asked me about duplicating something that she sees in her own work.  She wanted to draw new types of flowers after seeing a sample drawing on the back of a box of colored pencils.  We talked a little bit about shapes and I told her how I draw tulips like a U with a crown on top and she liked that.  I wonder what that means for new developments in her artwork.

She seems to be leaning towards landscapes.  People and animals in pastoral settings.  Usually with a giant sun overhead though yesterday she drew some scenes from Dragon of the Red Dawn with rain clouds.  I like this one a lot.  I like the little dog (spider?) the most.

We got a bunch of new stuff for outside.  As if we have space for it but still.  I managed to find a little play house that someone was willing to give me for free and today we found some little stools to put inside it.  Now the girls can sit out there and draw on the little folding table in the house or “fix” it with plastic tools or whatever.  Also, both of my girls are sleeping soundly upon their Strawberry Shortcake sheets and I got an awesome new pair of shoes.  I needed awesome new shoes.

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